My 2019 Writing Year

by John Adams

2019 was an exciting writing year for me, and I have much for which I’m grateful.

I had 15 stories accepted for publication:

I also had a variety of contest placements, honorable mentions, and shortlistings, including Honorable Mention in The Molotov Cocktail’s Flash Monster Contest and four first-place finishes in NYC Midnight contests.

I focused less on playwrighting in 2019, and though I don’t have a lot of finished products to show as a result, I’m very happy that two plays were selected by great organizations:

  • Through the Darkest of Stars was selected for a staged reading by The Midwest Dramatists Center (September 2019).
  • The Dark, Damp Room Just Off the Parlor was selected for a full production by Whim Productions (coming April 2020).

It’s not all rosy, of course. I’m very happy with my success record, but I also received (if I’m doing the math correctly) 120 rejections and still have 68 submissions out there in the wild waiting for responses. Wish me luck! 😊

My biggest writing regret for 2019 was my shameful neglect of my work-in-progress novel. I’m not a big New Years Resolution person, but I hope to get back to that in 2020. Time will tell.

Thanks for reading!

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