John Adams, writer

Chronicling the mundane stories that happen inside the extraordinary.
Chronicling the extraordinary stories that happen inside the mundane.

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Sharing My Words
Sharing My Worlds

The romantic tragedy H.P. Lovecraft never got a chance to write.

The science-fiction comedy Daphne du Maurier always meant to share.

The lost episode of Scooby-Doo penned by Nicholas Sparks.

These are the worlds that haunt me. These are the worlds that thrill me. These are the worlds I want to share with you.

Worlds of fairy-tale castles, post-apocalyptic wedding ceremonies, and ghostly gothic moon manors. But also of high-school hallways, bubbling over with prom nervousness.

Worlds populated with gargoyle detectives, pelican-people, and bears who are nuns. But also with fractured families, helping each other through their grief.

Worlds fueled by unfiltered revenge, unusual desire, and untidy demises. But also by unabashed friendship, promising an eager and earnest compassion.

These are my worlds. There are my words.

Relax. Make yourself at home. Stay a while. My worlds always have room for one more.

John Adams

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About the Author

John Adams (he/him/his) is an author who primarily writes in the genre he’s coined “absurdist speculative melodrama” – meaning “monsters being monsters, aliens being aliens, and people being people.”

He has quickly amassed a large short-story publication history and a growing list of plays selected for productions and staged readings. Find a list of current and upcoming work on his Fiction and Plays pages and list of his contest and competition recognition on his Honors page.

He is co-creator and Season 1 head writer of Secrets of Harridge House, a full-cast serialized gothic audio drama from Caron City, Nevada. Learn more on his Audio Drama page.

He performs around the U.S. with That’s No Movie, a multi-genre improv comedy team. Learn more on his Comedy page.

He lives in Overland Park, Kansas, where he produces comedy shows and frets about writing.

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